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Do Educational Requirements Matter?

The Council for Professional Recognition lists either a high school diploma or a GED as the first requirement for applying for a CDA. However, the Council never verifies whether or not an applicant does indeed have this. Neither the candidate’s training agency nor the PD Specialist is required to check either. As a result, countless persons have been awarded a CDA in spite of not meeting this requirement. In some states, having a CDA enables a person to hold a lead caregiver position. Theoretically, then, someone can be a lead caregiver in a child care program, having a 4th grade education (the grade at which someone could probably read and write). Is this acceptable? Is the Council right in saying that verifying a person’s education only throws roadblocks in front of those trying to earn a CDA? Or does this lack of verification dilute the value of the CDA Credential? Should the Council remove the requirement if it is not going to be enforced? What do YOU think?